OpenBlend November Meetup

Presented by Aleš Justin, Oto Brglez

We’re rebooting at a brand new community space - where we'll have two excellent engineers talk about Quarkus and advances in Scala 3 with ZIO.

What is OpenBlend?

OpenBlend is the biggest Java technology community in Slovenia, bringing together Java enthusiasts and software engineers devoted to the open source and the Java ecosystem's ongoing growth and development.

With JVM as a central and ever evolving piece of technology, we also welcome and accept all other languages and technologies built on top and around the JVM.

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See you there! And make no mistake about it, we still serve beer ;)

  1. 👋🏻 Welcome18:00
  2. 🎙 Quarkus and new gRPC supportTechnologyAleš Justin [Red Hat]18:15This short talk will give a quick introduction to what Quarkus is and what benefits it brings. Then we will go a bit deeper into Quarkus’ gRPC support, recent new features, and how easily this can be deployed to K8s - a quick demo. The talk will be given by Aleš Justin, a software engineer from Red Hat, an old-school JBoss-ian, currently working on Quarkus, its reactive parts and more.
  3. ⏱ Break19:00
  4. 🎙 Dancing with ZIOTechnologyOto Brglez [ex-GWI]19:15We’ll jump into the latest and greatest Scala, check a few fundamental advances and then dance around with ZIO. We’ll look into the core features that elevate what it means to write modern, highly concurrent and resilient, functional, high-performance software. The talk will be given by Oto Brglez, a Senior software engineer / Architect and Consultant.
  5. 💬 Mingle20:00

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Oto Brglez

Oto Brglez

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