Javascript Ljubljana Night

Presented by Lenart Papež, Sašo Greiner, Klemen Kogovšek

May JS event featuring Lenart and Sašo talking and sharing their experience with a transformative REACT Native journey and how you can utilise Jest for Angular testing.

The upcoming JavaScript event in Ljubljana will feature two speakers: Lenart Papež and Sašo Greiner. Lenart will kick off the event with his talk titled "Introduction to React Native & Expo: A web developer's perspective." Lenart will delve into the basics of React Native and Expo, comparing them briefly to other frameworks. He will explain the underlying principles of React Native and emphasize how it enables web developers to seamlessly transition into mobile app development. Attendees can expect a live demo showcasing the ease of getting started with React Native and Expo.

Following Lenart's talk, Sašo Greiner will take the stage to discuss "Angular unit testing with Jest." He will highlight how developers can replace the default Angular testing setup, which typically uses Jasmine and Karma, with Jest. Jest, a fast, lightweight, and zero-config testing framework developed by Facebook, has gained popularity among development teams. Sašo will demonstrate how to integrate Jest into Angular projects with minimal effort, showcasing its compatibility with various frameworks like Angular, React, and Vue. Attendees can expect to gain insights into why Jest has become the preferred testing framework for many developers.

In summary, the event will provide attendees with valuable insights into two crucial aspects of JavaScript development. Lenart's talk will introduce web developers to the world of mobile app development using React Native and Expo, while Sašo's talk will guide developers in leveraging Jest as an alternative testing framework for Angular projects. The event promises to be a valuable learning experience for JavaScript enthusiasts of all levels.

  1. 👋 Welcome18:00Scan your ticket, grab a beverage and let's start
  2. 🎙 Introduction to React Native & Expo: A web developer's perspectiveTechnologyLenart Papež18:15In this talk, we'll explore the fundamentals of React Native and Expo. We'll cover the basics, briefly compare React Native to other frameworks, explain its underlying principles, and highlight the ease of getting started. Through a live demo, you'll witness firsthand how React Native and Expo empower web developers to seamlessly transition into mobile app development.
  3. 🎙 Angular unit testing with JestTechnologySašo Greiner18:55Default Angular project testing setup is Jasmine and Karma. Here we show how to quickly replace Jasmine and Karma with Jest using minimal effort. Jest is a fast, zero-config and lightweight testing framework developed by Facebook and is considered by many development teams to be the testing framework of choice. It supports many frameworks such as Angular, Reach, Vue etc.
  4. 💬 Wrap-up & Mingle19:40Food and drinks will be provided for all to enjoy

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